Torticollis & Plagiocephaly Solutions

Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, of Physical Therapy 4 Kids, is the leading Pediatric Physical Therapist for Torticollis & Plagiocephaly in the White Plains, NY area. Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT is highly recommended by parents, teachers, and doctors in her community.
We know your baby’s health is of utmost importance above everything else in your life.  Physical Therapy 4 Kids provides leading Pediatric Physical Therapy Torticollis Solutions.
Our Torticollis & Plagiocephaly Physical Therapy solutions are designed specifically for babies two weeks to 12 months old. 

Physical Therapy is indicated if your baby is:

  • Developing a bump or flat spot on their head
  • Favoring turning or tilting their head one way
  • Having difficulty looking over both shoulders equally
  • Not lifting their head up when in the tummy time position
  • Not reaching age-appropriate milestones (crawling, sitting or walking)

As leading experts in treating Torticollis and Plagiocephaly, your baby will feel the benefits of these treatments FAST!

Benefits of our Torticollis & Plagiocephaly Solutions include:

  • Core stability and total body control
  • Improved overall positioning and symmetry of head
  • Improvement and aligning of neck muscles keeping the head centered
  • Knowledge of how to prevent future problems.
  • Training on at-home exercises
  • We work with YOU to make sure your baby gets the best out of their Physical Therapy treatments!

Be Wary.

If you don’t see your baby turn their head while lying on their back, or your baby is not taking to tummy time, don’t wait!

Call us now for an evaluation. The sooner we see the baby, the faster the results!!

Before and After Photos