Adult Pelvic Health

At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy of Westchester, we help you optimize everyday function; the way you move, breathe, and regulate normal bodily processes like voiding. The pelvis protects your delicate organs, while anchoring the powerful muscles of your hips, thighs, and abdomen during physical activities. 

Many physical events (injury, surgery, pregnancy, etc.) can disrupt how your pelvis works. Overtime, your brain’s capacity to switch on the correct muscles, at the correct time and with the correct strength, can be affected. Known as neuromuscular deactivation, this process tends to pull you out of balance and into a negative cycle of pain, weakness, and dysfunction. 

At Pelvic Health Physical Therapy of Westchester, in our private office setting, your dedicated Pelvic Health Physical Therapist will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation to determine the root cause of your pelvic health condition. You and your Physical Therapist will then develop and commit to a plan of care tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle, and goals. 

You will be treated by your own dedicated Pelvic Health Physical Therapist (not an assistant or aide) at every session and will receive a home exercise program customized for you. 

Our treatments are successful with:

– Reducing/resolving pain

– Restoring bladder and bowel control

– Developing core strength

– Resuming activities

Common Condition We Treat include:

  • Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction
  • Constipation
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Dyspareunia
  • Endometriosis
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Low Back Pain/ Tailbone Pain
  • Overactive Bladder Syndrome
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Postpartum
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy
  • Urinary Frequency
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Vaginismus
  • Vulvodynia
  • Weak Core Muscles

You deserve:

  • Time to discuss ALL your concerns
  • A thorough head to toe assessment to discover EVERYTHING that could be contributing to your symptoms
  • A COMPLETE assessment of your pelvic floor
  • A FULL EXPLANATION of what is causing your symptoms
  • A customized plan to address YOUR NEEDS to get complete resolution of your symptoms. 

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