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Our goal is to enable kids, infants to teens, to be more successful and independent in life by improving their motion, strength, function, and mobility using fun imaginative, playful, and therapeutic activities.

Welcome to Physical Therapy 4 Kids.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids is a warm and welcoming private practice leading the way for Pediatric Physical Therapy in White Plains, NY!

Owned and directed by Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, C/NDT, Physical Therapy 4 Kids, we welcome all of our patients and caregivers to our office to become part of our “extended Pediatric PT family.”

Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT’s mission for Physical Therapy 4 Kids is to provide a center where infants and children, from preemies to teens, can be evaluated and treated by highly skilled and qualified, caring Pediatric Physical Therapists. We treat children with neurologic, orthopedic, genetic, and neuromuscular deficits in our family-friendly, relaxed, fun environment.

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Torticollis Solutions

Torticollis & Plagiocephaly Solutions, Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT, of Physical Therapy 4 Kids is the leading Pediatric Physical Therapist for Torticollis and Plagiocephaly in the White Plains … Learn More

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Success Stories

We have treated many children over the years. They have had issues from Torticollis to Scoliosis. We take great pride in considerable improvements of the children we see at our White Plains … Learn More

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Conditions We Treat

These are just some of the conditions we treat. Please contact us to learn more about concerns you may have regarding your child. It is our greatest pleasure to help you and your child. … Learn More

Pediatric Physical Therapy in White Plains, NY & Westchester County is not the same everywhere!

All of our children and their families are treated with the utmost respect and are given personalized and individualized care. With years of professional experience in Pediatric Physical Therapy, we develop individualized programs to address the child’s needs. We utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques, age-appropriate developmental toys, balance and coordination equipment to assist the children to achieve their optimum function.

Our goal is to enable children to be more successful and independent in life. This we do by enhancing their range of motion, strength, function, and mobility. It’s coupled with fun, imaginative, playful, and therapeutic activities during each session. Then we can address the child’s areas of weakness while educating families and caregivers. They are provided with home exercise programs and taught handling techniques to be carried over at home.

Physical Therapy 4 Kids is the ONLY Pediatric Physical Therapy office offering Pediatric Pelvic Health assessments and treatments in Westchester.  We help turn difficult situations into family-friendly successes.

We especially love hearing about our success stories years later as the children grow up using the skills they have learned while working with us. We love children and helping them achieve an increased potential is our greatest pleasure.

Learn more about Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT and her Physical Therapy 4 Kids staff. By working together with you, we will help your child reach his or her greatest potential and achieve success!