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Understanding Torticollis and How We Can Help – Torticollis Therapy Westchester

Torticollis Therapy Westchester is available at Physical Therapy 4 Kids. So many parents have felt that sinking feeling in their stomachs when they sense something is wrong with their child. It’s scary because it is difficult to know what the future holds. Do not let fear and anxiety stop you from treating your child’s Torticollis.

Torticollis, also known as “wry neck” condition, is an involuntary head-tilt affecting many babies and children. It has a variety of causes and may be congenital, resulting from birth trauma, or arise from an injury. Spinal misalignment at the fetal stage and breech birth are common causes. The pressure and strain of improper pulling during delivery may also produce the condition, though such mistakes are infrequent in modern medicine.

Parents should be concerned if they notice their baby tilts the head, has difficulty rotating the neck, has trouble keeping the head up, and extends the chin-up abnormally. Newborns will exhibit symptoms as early as one to four weeks of age. Infants may exhibit symptoms throughout their first year of life.

If left untreated, toddlers and children will manifest exacerbated symptoms later on. As a preventative measure, parents can make sure to move their infant often. Do not lay your newborn or infant down all the time. Play serves a purpose!

However, if such measures are taken, and you still notice problems, make an appointment with your child’s doctor immediately. A prescription referral for physical therapy can save your family tons of money, time, and anguish later on. If left unaddressed, Torticollis could progress to require round the clock care, costly rehabilitative equipment, specialized daycare costs, and placement in special education.

Here at Physical Therapy 4 Kids, we specialize in treating infants from 2 weeks to 12 months old. If we find your child does have Torticollis, we intervene with a treatment plan.

Our solutions include methods to increase core stability and total body control, improve the movement and aligning of neck muscles, retrain the head to stay centered, and stabilize overall head symmetry and positioning. We do not just work with your child. We work with parents too! We educate you on at-home exercises to reinforce our efforts and prevent future problems.

An active, energetic future awaits your child despite a Torticollis diagnosis. Your baby will show fast improvement, and you will be relieved to see results. We hope you visit our leading specialists soon.