Plagiocephaly Therapy Westchester


Plagiocephaly Causes and Solutions

Plagiocephaly Therapy Westchester
Parents devote a lot of time and attention to their newborn babies. Nearly everything that baby does or experiences can seem frightening when mom or dad is unsure of what to do. This is especially concerning when a condition may be apparent, while what to do about it may not be so obvious. One of those conditions is called Plagiocephaly, commonly referred to as “flat head syndrome,” and it’s treated with Plagiocephaly Therapy Westchester.
How common is Plagiocephaly?
Plagiocephaly occurs in nearly half of all infants. 47% of babies develop a flat spot on the head and with good reason. Your baby’s skull is still soft and subject to becoming misshapen due to the use of such common surfaces as the bed or a car seat. Further, womb position, multiple births, or premature births can lead to head distortions.
Experts recommend evaluating at least one out of ten babies for treatment to prevent long term effects into adulthood. Still, you need not wait for an expert opinion to seek treatment. As the leading physical therapy practice in Westchester, we can work with you to ensure your baby receives the best treatment to overcome Plagiocephaly.

Characteristics of Plagiocephaly

A flat spot can form in a short span of a week. A misshapen head, while not having lasting harmful neurological effects, may produce other issues that last a lifetime.
Asymmetry of the head is noticeable by the appearance of:
  • Facial features
  • Misaligned ears
  • Other physiological effects include the possibility of a cross-bite or underbite, the result of possible jaw misalignment. Plagiocephaly can also cause issues when it comes to properly fit eyeglasses or head-wear, such as helmets or other safety equipment.
  • Sloped or bulging forehead
    Visibly flat areas when it comes to shorter hairstyle choices
We can assure you that Plagiocephaly is not your fault. Whether met initially in the womb or during routine daily activity following birth, flattening of the soft, malleable nature of a baby’s head can be caused by gentle external forces. As a parent or caregiver, there are some simple at-home exercises you can practice to help prevent or correct flat spots, such as re-positioning techniques and supervising baby’s tummy-time.
We can give you even more reassuring news, which is to tell you that babies typically respond well to treatment. We provide non-invasive physical therapy treatments and at-home exercises that you can start doing with your baby today and see results. As soon as you call us, we can schedule an appointment for a free 15-minute screening. We can give you the facts on Plagiocephaly, tell you why it is essential to seek treatment early and provide specialized guidance on next step solutions in overcoming Plagiocephaly.
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