Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs to see a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

Parents frequently ask these questions. Many parents are new to the special needs of their infants. A Pediatric Physical Therapist should evaluate any child whose physical function falls below normal standards. The following are some conditions for parents, teachers, and doctors to watch for:

  • Abnormal or poor posture
  • Asymmetrical body use (uses one arm or leg more than the other)
  • Awkward jumping or running patterns
  • Bowel/Bladder Leakage
  • Constipation
  • Delays in gross motor development (i.e., rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking)
  • Difficulty with balance and coordination
  • Excessive clumsiness
    Floppiness or stiffness in muscle tone
  • Genetic disorders
  • Limited or excessive joint mobility
  • Plagiocephaly (flat head)
  • Toe walking
  • Toilet Training
  • Torticollis (head tilted to one side)
  • Urinary Urgency
  • Walking difficulties
  • “W” Sitting

Pediatric Physical Therapy

How do I get started?
If your child’s doctor has recommended Physical Therapy for your child, please call our office at 914-421-9392 to schedule an initial evaluation. We need a written prescription from your referring doctor with the child’s name and diagnosis. You can bring in the prescription at the time of your first appointment, or the doctor can fax the prescription directly to our office at 914-946-8723. We will schedule your child within 24-48 hours.

We work very closely with you, your child, your family members, and your doctor to maximize the results for your child!

How do I pay for the services?
Most insurance companies consider Physical Therapy 4 Kids an out–of–network provider. Payment is due at the time services are rendered by preferably Venmo or else by cash or check. The family is provided with a statement with the appropriate billing and diagnosis codes for them to submit directly to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Regarding insurance, we work closely with each family to minimize their out of pocket expenses. We are considered an “In-Network Exception” for United Healthcare/Oxford and the New York State Empire Plan (NYSHIP). For these two plans, we will call for pre-authorization, and once received, we will bill the insurance company, and the family only pays the co-pay at the time of the visit. For certain other insurance companies, we will call to arrange an In for Out Exception, a Single Case Agreement, Gap Care Coverage, or a Network Deficiency exception whenever possible.

Cancellation Policy: We request 24-hour notice when possible. We do understand that sudden illness and unexpected situations arise. We reserve the right to charge for the missed session with less than 24-hour notice.

How long are the treatment sessions?

  • Initial evaluations are 1-hour long.
  • Follow-up sessions are 45-minutes long.

Our primary goal is to evaluate, treat, and discharge the child. We work with your child and you so that they achieve their goals in a timely manner.

Does Physical Therapy 4 Kids work with other practitioners?
We have a list of practitioners who we work closely with and refer to when necessary.

These professionals include:

  • Pediatric Craniofacial Surgeons
  • Pediatric ENT Specialists
  • Pediatric Neurologists
  • Pediatric Occupational Therapists
  • Pediatric Ophthalmologists
  • Pediatric Orthopedists
  • Pediatric Orthotists
  • Pediatric Physiatrists
  • Pediatric Rheumatologists
  • Pediatric Speech Therapists
  • Special Educators
  • and more

We also have a network of pediatric recreational programs for:

  • Aquatic Programs
  • Dance Programs
  • Music programs
  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding
  • and many more


So I will start just by saying every mom wants their baby’s to be perfect with no issues at all no problems ect…. reality is….. they ARE born perfect some are just born with a little something extra that may need a tweak or too. My son has been going to Wendy practice for a few months now and I could not be happier… he has made such progress in this short time! Wendy’s team is amazing not only to my son but to my family as well! The encouragement I receive every session really dose mean the world to a mom that is trying to help her baby in every way possible. I could keep going on and on but all I have to say is that I would never have my son go anywhere else and trust Wendy’s team with one of the most important things in my life!!!
Wendy is an incredible professional, talented and resourceful ! I don’t know what we would have done without her and her team. She treated my son starting late infancy for torticollis and gross motor delays. She was a godsend to our family. My son is now 5 and a half, and very active in skiing, skating, swimming and taekwondo! We are eternally grateful!
We have been with Wendy and her team for a few months and couldn’t be happier. We work with Colleen but have also done sessions with Hayden and Wendy. They each have their own style but are equally wonderful. My daughter has had tremendous progress since starting here. Wendy and her team came highly recommended to me by our pediatrician, pediatric neurologist and a few friends. Everyone agrees her team is the best around! I’m happy to give her name out to others and hope everyone has just as much success. Finally, Wendy and Colleen have been assets during our journey with EI. They are able to help answer questions, are extremely flexible and accommodating, and basically have held my hand for the last few months while we figure out the best combination of therapies for my daughter. Thank you Colleen and Wendy! And Hayden too
Another happy mom! Wendy treated my daughter’s torticollis, she was under 2 months when we started and 10 months when we finished treatment. It was a pleasure working with Wendy who provided us with excellent recommendations and exercises. Plus, she was willing to accommodate our schedule and always had a smile on her face (even when my daughter was being a challenging patient!). Wendy’s support and guidance made me feel confident that everything would be okay – which was very reassuring for a first time mom. Wendy came highly recommended, and we’d recommend her without hesitation.
It has been 5 years since Wendy treated my son. He was 12 weeks old when he first started visiting her twice a week. Wendy was knowledgeable and very sweet with a great level of energy. As a new mother of twin boys, the need for physical therapy was stressful and often overwhelming. Wendy not only helped my son, but helped me cope with my worry, pinpointing how I could best support my son’s development. I couldn’t attend session because I had to work, so she would Facetime me in to make sure I understand his progress and goals. Glad to be discharged, I still miss our visits to Wendy’s because of her unsurmountable support and knowledge.