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Hypotonia/Low Muscle Tone
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What Is Hypotonia/Low Muscle Tone?

At Physical Therapy 4 Kids, we are extremely experienced in treating children diagnosed with hypotonia, or low muscle tone. Some people call this “floppy infant syndrome.” This condition may be diagnosed at birth or within the first six months of life. Whenever it is realized that a child has this condition, it is essential to get them started on Pediatric Physical Therapy to help them develop strength and control of their body.

Signs of Hypotonia

These are the most common signs of hypotonia in an infant:

  • Baby feels limp and floppy when held
  • They are unable to hold their head up or control its movement
  • They have difficulty nursing or feeding
  • They fall over when they try to sit up
  • Their breathing may be a struggle
  • Their joints are more flexible than normal
  • They miss developmental milestones such as being able to roll over

Treating Hypotonia

Fortunately, the therapies offered at Physical Therapy 4 Kids can provide excellent improvements for children with hypotonia. It is essential that each case starts with a thorough evaluation of the child’s exact physical condition. Any conditions underlying hypotonia should be known so the best therapy program possible can be designed for the child.

The skills of our staff enable us to specialize in the treatment of hypotonia as well as any underlying conditions. We work closely with parents and caregivers to provide at-home recommendations for positioning and strengthening the child. We are also happy to coordinate care with physicians or other professionals.

We provide our care in our state-of-the-art office or in a patient’s home.

How Soon Will You See Improvements?

The speed of results depends on the complexity of your child’s condition. In many cases, improvements can be seen in just a few sessions, easing your mind about your child’s future.

The most important action you can take, as the parent of a child with hypotonia, is to start Physical Therapy as soon as the condition is identified. The sooner Physical Therapy starts, the better chance there is for excellent results.

Promoting Typical Developmental Milestones

A baby with hypotonia will experience delays achieving normal developmental milestones. With the right Physical Therapy, most will catch up as they increase their strength and dexterity. Even children with serious underlying conditions can make good progress with the right Physical Therapy, and therefore achieve their developmental milestones.

At Physical Therapy 4 Kids, we have an extensive understanding of both hypotonia and traumatic, neurodevelopmental, metabolic or genetic causes for this condition. Our therapy programs are carefully designed to create the best advancement for your child with the goal of their happy, healthy independence.

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If your child has been diagnosed with hypotonia or you feel that they are developing too slowly, please call us immediately. We can help with a detailed assessment of your child’s needs and design the perfect therapeutic program for them.

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