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My son had some flattening on his head as he preferred to lay on one side. We went to a consultation with Wendy where she diagnosed him with Torticollis. We were alarmed. But she immediately put us at ease. She has a nurturing personality and that immediately came through. She first assured us that it was not anyone’s fault and that he can and will overcome Torticollis. We left the consult with a wealth of knowledge on the condition and armed with exercise tools and techniques to use at home. Most of all, we had a sense of comfort that our baby would be in very capable, highly skilled, and experienced hands. I was impressed at all the information she gave us right away and all the tips and tricks she told us to implement right away. She wanted our baby to get better fast. 

 A few days later, I called Wendy’s office to ask her opinion on a Torticollis pillow that I found online. She answered, jumped on the internet as I’m on the phone with her, read about the pillow, and gave me her feedback. I was impressed she took the time to do that without me having to call back or go through a member of her staff first.

 Wendy referred us to Cranial Technologies to address the flatness on his head. We are glad she referred us to such a skilled team. They were friendly, informative, and guided us every step of the way through his helmet-wearing days.

 We saw Wendy for most of our son’s first year, and he has flown through his milestones and has full range of motion of his neck, and his Torticollis has fully resolved. It was such a pleasure to watch Wendy do her work, which she did with joy and enthusiasm at every single session. She is one of the kindest, most loving people I know. I’m so glad I met her and just want to encourage anyone that needs a Pediatric Physical Therapist to go see Wendy and her team at Physical Therapy 4 Kids. We knew our baby was getting the highest quality of care in her hands and are confident that we made the best choice in seeing Wendy.


Motor Delays

We are most grateful for Wendy’s expert assistance with two of our children who had gross motor delays that required Physical Therapy. Our son started receiving services at 18 months and, after working with Wendy, made tremendous strides, reaching subsequent milestones in an age-appropriate fashion. His twin brother was always jealous of the fun activities during his special time with Wendy! By the time our son aged out of the Early Intervention program, he was back on track developmentally, and today, five years later, he is an active, athletic, and physically confident child. Wendy took the time each week, while treating our son, to educate us on age-appropriate developmental skills, which meant that we knew the signs of delayed development when our third child was only nine months old. We returned to Wendy for services for our daughter, and with her speedy intervention, she was back on track within six months. I now marvel as she throws herself into physical situations with fearless abandon. Wendy’s experience as a parent and as a Physical Therapist meant that she always knew how to motivate my children and also had the sensitivity to know when to pull back. The kids worked hard during sessions and were often tired after the physical demands made by therapy but they recognized that Wendy was a caring presence. Once therapy for my daughter ended, I missed my weekly contact with Wendy! As our children grow and develop, we remain grateful for Wendy’s professionalism and skills provided at such a critical stage.

R. A.

Improving Developmental Milestones

From the very first time that Wendy treated our son, we realized how fortunate we were to find her. She began seeing him when he was only six months old, and now almost a year later, we simply cannot believe the progress he has made with her help. We are truly grateful for all that Wendy has done. In addition to helping our son overcome his physical challenges to reach critical developmental milestones, she has also helped us as parents every step of the way to understand how he is doing and how we can enable him to develop and progress on a daily basis. Wendy’s warm, caring, delightful and friendly nature was evident from the beginning. Not only is she an impressive professional – she’s practically family to us. We wholeheartedly recommend her

R.F. and K.F.

Leg Fracture

While we were on vacation, my two and a half year old daughter was jumping on the trampoline and landed in such a way that she broke her tibia bone. While we were lucky that this wasn’t a growth bone, she still had to have a cast for 4 weeks. One of my first questions to the doctor was, “is she going to need PT afterward?” Although the doctor did not require it, my husband and I wanted to keep the option open.

Her cast came off on a Thursday morning and like the doctor had told us, she was definitely walking with a limp. By Saturday night, I was concerned. I figured, why wait for it to heal on its own if there is something we could be doing to help my daughter out. She was about to start school and I was due with my second daughter in two weeks. Needless to say, time was of the essence. So, at 10:30 PM on a Saturday night, I emailed Wendy. I had met Wendy at a fair a few weeks earlier and knew that we might be in need of her services. Sunday morning I woke up to an email from Wendy asking if I could come over with my daughter. We jumped in the car and headed over.

Wendy was beyond impressive. Besides her being extremely flexible given the timing, she was organized, creative and very professional. My daughter walked into Wendy’s office and was excited to see all of the toys. Each activity was a game and presented in a creative manner. I could not believe Wendy got my two and a half year old on the treadmill – and she actually enjoyed it! Wendy would send us home with “homework” and things that we could do at home. She even lent us some of her equipment to make the exercises easier. Wendy’s patience, guidance, and warm personality made this experience truly enjoyable. On our last day, my daughter kept on asking why we are not going back. She looks back on her time at Wendy’s house with such positive memories and is now running, jumping, biking…and looking forward to the trampoline!



My son, Jake, who was diagnosed with Torticollis, has been receiving exceptional Physical Therapy treatment from Wendy over the past few months. Wendy is a joy to work with and my infant son adores her. She is great at demonstrating the exercises we are to perform at home. In addition, she shows great interest in the overall well being of my son. She provides lists of developmental milestones we should look out for and handouts of age-appropriate toys. Jake’s progress has been well exceeding my expectations. This has been due in no small part to the fantastic care he has been receiving from Wendy.



As a local pediatrician, I have referred many patients to Physical Therapy 4 Kids for evaluations and treatments. When my own daughter was diagnosed with Torticollis, Wendy was the only person I called to evaluate her need for treatment. She was incredibly thorough in her evaluation and the feedback she provided to my husband and me. My daughter has been treated by Wendy for the past three months and the improvement is amazing. I continue to be a big fan of Physical Therapy 4 Kids!



My daughter was diagnosed with Torticollis at one-month-old. After seeing an orthopedist, I was instructed to perform two very specific exercises at every diaper change. Twisting my newborn’s neck was a very difficult thing to do and was made especially difficult when she screamed with each movement! At my two months check-up with the orthopedist, I was told she made little progress and if I didn’t perform the exercises he gave me, she would not get better. Needless to say, I was very worried. I discussed my concerns with my pediatrician who referred me to Physical Therapy 4 Kids, since they specialize in treating Torticollis. After two treatments with Wendy, my daughter showed significant improvement. Wendy supplied me with a multitude of simple exercises I could do on my own and more importantly, she demonstrated minor changes to make in my daily routine that significantly helped her. Wendy wrote down and illustrated all of the exercises she introduced during each session. Wendy is very gentle with my daughter. Her vast knowledge of Torticollis is evident with each treatment and in each answer to my thousands of questions. At five months, my daughter is on her way to recovering from Torticollis, and I owe it all to Wendy! Thank you, Wendy!


Strength Development

Wendy was my son, Gavin’s, Physical Therapist for over a year and a half. Gavin made tremendous strides working with her. We have seen all-around improvements in every area. His muscle strength has improved along with his balance, coordination, and even his speech. Wendy has dedicated more than 100% to him and has become part of our family, along with being his Physical Therapist. We are very grateful for all that she has done for Gavin!


General Physical Therapy

My daughter has been receiving PT services from PT 4 Kids for almost a year. Not only has she shown incredible progress but she is excited to go and play with her therapist! I cannot say enough amazing things about Wendy and her staff at Physical Therapy 4 Kids. They are kind, responsive, responsible, accommodating and truly treat you like part of the family. Additionally, the space is beautiful and clean.


Low Muscle Tone

My husband and I know that we were truly lucky to have found Physical Therapy 4 Kids to treat our three children. Each child was born with low muscle tone and had difficulty meeting their developmental milestones. Wendy developed a comprehensive plan with follow-through exercises for us to practice between treatment sessions. Wendy was not only an amazing Physical Therapist that treated our children but also became a close friend. We know our children would not be as active and happy as they are today without the treatments and expertise at Physical Therapy 4 Kids!

– T.K.

Leg Fracture

In February 2011, our 6-year-old son was in a skiing accident. A snowboarder’s board crashed into his leg, fracturing his femur in several locations. The surgery to repair his breaks required the application of an external fixator. We knew the recovery would be long and difficult for an active 6-year-old boy. The key to getting him back on his feet would be intensive Physical Therapy. Thankfully, we found Wendy Kaplan-Lager. She arrived at our home the day after our son was discharged from the hospital. Her extensive knowledge of child anatomy and physiology and her motivating attitude was crucial in getting our son out of bed and mobile. Wendy also took the time to educate us on how to work with our son. She explained all of the exercises and outlined home therapy programs for us to do with him on a daily basis. We are so thankful to Wendy for helping guide us through his recovery and happy to say that in four short months, he has made a full recovery and is back to an active lifestyle of baseball, football, swimming, rock climbing, and biking. We would recommend Wendy and the team at Physical Therapy 4 Kids to anyone needing great Physical Therapy!


General Physical Therapy

I highly recommend Wendy and Physical Therapy 4 Kids!! Wendy is extremely knowledgeable in her field and was so helpful to us right from the start! My son loves going there for his weekly sessions, and we have definitely seen improvement since he began his therapy. Wendy is flexible and accommodating and ensures that my son is able to have consistency from week to week. She always has his best interests at heart. 🙂 Physical Therapy 4 Kids is a loving, nurturing place and I am so thankful that my friend had recommended it to us!

– K.V.


A few weeks ago my 15 month-old daughter graduated from Wendy’s year-long PT course of  treatment. It was an incredible journey. I can still remember the downcast spirit the family was in last March when realizing our daughter had Torticollis. The Covid pandemic had just picked up its pace, when she happened to need in-person care the most. Fortunately we found Wendy and used telehealth Physical Therapy. Wendy patiently instructed us on each move and exercise our daughter should practice, and repeatedly gave a dejected mother her professional reassurance. Telehealth was in fact new for Physical Therapists as much as it was new for parents like us. No one had known whether telehealth would work for PT. We sort of learned together. Little by little, we started to witness the progress in our daughter. Her head tilt improved, her sitting posture became better, she was crawling properly, and eventually she was walking confidently. And during the sessions there were fewer sighs, and more joyful discussions. We owe our gratitude to Wendy. Wendy is professional, patient, organized and compassionate. We highly recommend Physical Therapy 4 Kids. Your child is in good hands.

– Y.S.

General Physical Therapy

Highly recommend Wendy Kaplan-Lager and her staff at Physical Therapy 4 Kids! They are AMAZING! Hands down the BEST PT office if your child has any Physical Therapy needs. From the first call when referred by my pediatrician, Wendy was beyond helpful and compassionate in making sure all was taken care of and my sons had the best! As things have come up, Wendy and her staff are continuously working with me to make sure we don’t miss a session! Her office is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Both my sons go one time per week for their PT needs and they managed to schedule both kids at the same time with different therapists so I didn’t have to come more than once in a week. Her office has many therapists on site and they offer evening and Saturday hours as well. A bonus, they submit your insurance claim form each week if you need to submit for reimbursement. I can’t stress enough—if your child needs PT, call Physical Therapy 4 Kids!

– J.D.

Gross Motor Skill Development

My child has been getting services from Wendy’s staff for about two years now. My son has had much improvement with his gross motor skills during this time. Wendy’s staff are amazing, patient, professional and always go above and beyond their call of duty! They are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Physical Therapy and understand the needs of a child with special needs. I would highly recommend them!

– C.H.

General Physical Therapy

I am so beyond satisfied with Physical Therapy 4 Kids. Wendy was fantastic to work with. Her flexibility working around my hectic schedule was so helpful and ensured my child the help she needed. The idea of my infant daughter needing Physical Therapy at such a young age was upsetting, but Wendy reminded me often, “We’ll get through this!” She is patient, thoughtful, and truly loves her “children.” And here we are, finally through it all. My daughter is doing great and she recently “graduated” from PT. Although it was a happy ending to a long journey, we will miss Wendy so much, as she has become an important part of my and my daughter’s life.


Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

My son has been a patient of Wendy’s since he was less than a month old. She has been absolutely fantastic at treating his Torticollis, and is truly an expert in the field. She is also amazing with babies and knows how to keep them happy and calm so that they actually enjoy being in therapy and view it more as play time than a chore. We started to see improvement after just a few weeks due to her sessions as well as the easy to understand exercises that she gives us to do at home each week. Wendy also helped to refer us very early on to get him a consult for Plagiocephaly, which was incredibly important as he needed to get a helmet and catching it early means he wears it for a much shorter period of time. Wendy goes above and beyond for her patients, and has taken countless hours out of her days to help me deal with an issue with my insurance. She is also great at recommending toys to buy to assist with the exercises and to both entertain him and help with his development. Give your child the best and go see the team at Physical Therapy 4 Kids!

– R.V.


We first met Wendy when we had to take our first son in for Torticollis. He was a preemie and we had so much on our plate. Wendy made each and every appointment so wonderful. She is compassionate, kind and an expert in her field. There is no one else we would trust so when we were told our 2nd son would need PT we knew right away who we were going to see. Wendy makes you feel like family. She is honest, funny but always ALWAYS looking out for the best care for your child. We are so grateful to have met Wendy as she has helped and continues helping our boys. You’re the best Wendy!

– N.R.

Dislocated Hips and Torticollis

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Wendy is the BEST in the business. If your child needs Physical Therapy, please do not go anywhere else! She is highly knowledgeable with over 40 years of experience and not only helped my daughter (with dislocated hips and Torticollis) crawl and walk without being severely delayed but also was very compassionate with me, as this process can be as challenging on the parent as the child. She is also prompt and always makes herself available via cell/ text if you have questions when you get home, which is amazing and reassuring in itself!



Wendy is extremely kind and caring. She has tons of experience and it really shows in the way she works with my baby. My son is 2 months old and we were afraid he may have some issues always turning his head to the right side. Wendy did not try to talk us into signing up for weekly sessions or “over-sell” us. She gave us a clear, unbiased assessment and suggested things we can work on at home with him and asked that we come back in a month. I truly appreciated her being so forthright with us. Also, the way she speaks to my baby…I just love it! She is so sweet and gentle and professional all at the same time. I feel completely comfortable with her handling him. I heard about Wendy from a friend of mine at my yoga studio and I am so glad that I did! I would highly recommend her and her staff at Physical Therapy 4 Kids!

– J.M.

Torticollis and Low Muscle Tone

Wendy has been seeing my daughter for almost two years, and my daughter has made great progress! She started seeing Wendy due to Torticollis, and she was also diagnosed with low muscle tone as she got older. My daughter is now two years old, and enjoys going to “play with Wendy” every week. Wendy makes PT fun with lots of toys, games and songs for the little ones.

As for her payment policy which is referenced in another post, we were told at the first meeting with Wendy that she accepts checks or cash, and she would give us a receipt to submit to our insurance company. Wendy walked me through the process of getting authorization from my insurance company, and is in contact with them every 6 months to make sure that the authorization is up to date. I have not had a problem with my insurance company. I would recommend Wendy with no hesitations!

– K.B.

General Physical Therapy

Wendy is a caring and detailed pediatric Physical Therapist. She has been seeing my son since he was four months old, and in only two and a half months, he is making a lot of progress thanks to her. My nanny takes him to most appointments since I am a working mom, so Wendy started (without me asking!) emailing me detailed reports on how he is progressing after each session. She does not take insurance, but I’ve found this is pretty common with Pediatric PTs and she provides completed insurance forms at each visit for you to submit. She clearly loves babies and is very good with them.

– L. C.

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

My son has been going to Wendy since he was four months old. He was diagnosed with Torticollis and Plagiocephaly. In the six months he has been treated by her, both of these problems have been resolved through a combined effort of her work on him in the office and the home stretching and exercises she assigns. Wendy is warm and loving, she communicates well in person and online, and is super dedicated to all her patients including my son. We are lucky to have been referred to her and highly recommend her!

– O. C.

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

Wendy and her team are amazing!!! When my son was diagnosed with Torticollis and Plagiocephaly, I was overwhelmed and scared. I had no idea why this had happened or how to help him. On day one, Wendy was so reassuring and helpful and gave us an easy to follow plan to help my son reach his goals. She and her team are responsive, realistic, and empathetic. They understand the “real world” and gave us exercises and stretches which feel more like play than work. My son LOVES the fun, inviting play space at the office and I love being able to check in with our therapist throughout the week. This team is FANTASTIC!

– A.F.

Rehabilitation After Sports Injury and Surgery

I brought my then 13-year-old son to Wendy after he had ACL/meniscus surgery after a football injury. Wendy worked with him, pushed him when he needed to be pushed, encouraged him when he thought he would never play sports again, and talked to him. His experience was so much more than just Physical Therapy. It was a very difficult 4 months for him but he came out of it in such a good place. He went on to play basketball for his high school varsity team and recently transferred to Ramapo College to play basketball for them. Wendy and her team are amazing!

– L.R.

General Physical Therapy

My son was recommended to Wendy at two-and-a-half months of age. Wendy took amazing care of him from the start, put our fears at ease and treated us like family until he was over a year old. We truly miss her and credit her for how far he has come. He has reached the major milestones due to her hard work

– T.F.


Wendy is the best therapist I could ever get for my daughter. When our daughter started to sit, we realized that her neck was tilted. I immediately called her doctor for an appointment and I was recommended to Wendy Kaplan-Lager. When we had our first appointment, she sensed that I was really worried for my daughter. She was diagnosed with Torticollis. Just under six months of regular therapy, my daughter’s neck was perfectly fine. Wendy and her entire team are very flexible. She has a magic touch in her hands and I couldn’t have got a better PT than Wendy.

– S.D.


I am so grateful for finding Wendy’s practice. Finding a therapist office only for kids was ideal. My daughter came in a little over a year ago with a moderate head tilt, and I can confidently say she has made a 100 percent turn around. Hayden did such an amazing job. Thank you for everything


General Physical Therapy

We couldn’t be happier with the quality of care that our son has received from Wendy and Colleen! He has made immediate progress and improves every week. Extended family and friends have commented at our son’s progress and we know it’s a result of his fantastic Physical Therapy services. Thank you, Wendy!


General Physical Therapy

Wendy Kaplan-Lager and her team go above and beyond expectations. We initially brought our son in and had problems with our insurance company, and Wendy took a lot of her time to ensure we were covered for services and kept me up to date along the process.The therapists are very knowledgeable and patient with the little ones, and always take time to address any questions or concerns.


Delayed Walking

We had a great experience! Wendy and her team are skilled professionals, and our daughter saw major improvements in just a matter of weeks. We stayed the course for a few months, and now she’s a proficient walker.


General Physical Therapy

We had a great experience with Physical Therapy 4 Kids. Wendy and Hayden (and the rest of the therapists) are amazing at what they do and helped my son with so much, as well as teaching me new things as well. They are so patient, kind and very informative. I highly recommend this place.

– J.K.

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

Wendy and her team were dedicated and successful in providing PT for my daughter’s Torticollis and Plagiocephaly diagnoses. Their knowledge and environment made the four months of therapy stress-free and comforting. Five stars from me!

– B.B

General Physical Therapy

So I will start just by saying every mom wants their baby to be perfect with no issues at all, no problems, etc., reality is….. they ARE born perfect, some are just born with a little something extra that may need a tweak or two. My son has been going to Wendy’s practice for a few months now and I could not be happier… he has made such progress in this short time! Wendy’s team is amazing not only to my son but to my family as well! The encouragement I receive every session really does mean the world to a mom that is trying to help her baby in every way possible. I could keep going on and on but all I have to say is that I would never have my son go anywhere else and trust Wendy’s team with one of the most important things in my life!

– D.M.

Torticollis and Gross Motor Delays

Wendy is an incredible professional, talented and resourceful! I don’t know what we would have done without her and her team. She treated my son starting late infancy for Torticollis and gross motor delays. She was a godsend to our family. My son is now five-and-a-half, and very active in skiing, skating, swimming and taekwondo! We are eternally grateful!

– A.J.

General Physical Therapy

We have been with Wendy and her team for a few months and couldn’t be happier. We work with Colleen but have also done sessions with Hayden and Wendy. They each have their own style but are equally wonderful. My daughter has had tremendous progress since starting here. Wendy and her team came highly recommended to me by our pediatrician, pediatric neurologist and a few friends. Everyone agrees her team is the best around! I’m happy to give her name out to others and hope everyone has just as much success. Finally, Wendy and Colleen have been assets during our journey with EI. They are able to help answer questions, are extremely flexible and accommodating, and have held my hand for the last few months while we figure out the best combination of therapies for my daughter. Thank you, Colleen and Wendy! And Hayden too.



Another happy mom! Wendy treated my daughter’s Torticollis. She was under two months when we started and ten months when we finished treatment. It was a pleasure working with Wendy, who provided us with excellent recommendations and exercises. Plus, she was willing to accommodate our schedule and always had a smile on her face (even when my daughter was a challenging patient!). Wendy’s support and guidance made me feel confident that everything would be okay – which was very reassuring for a first-time mom. Wendy came highly recommended, and we’d recommend her without hesitation.


General Physical Therapy

It has been five years since Wendy treated my son. He was 12 weeks old when he first started visiting her twice a week. Wendy was knowledgeable and very sweet, with a great level of energy. As a new mother of twin boys, the need for Physical Therapy was stressful and often overwhelming. Wendy not only helped my son but helped me cope with my worry, pinpointing how I could best support my son’s development. I couldn’t attend the session because I had to work, so she would Facetime me to make sure I understood his progress and goals. Glad to be discharged, I still miss our visits to Wendy’s because of her unsurmountable support and knowledge.


Success Story - 9 month old - Low Muscle Tone

I wanted to share a quick update that my son, Emmett, has made so much progress in his gross motor skills with the expertise of his PT’s at Physical Therapy 4 Kids. He just turned 9 months, is crawling up a storm, pulling himself to stand and beginning to cruise. We are so proud! We also want to send a big thank you to Wendy, Rachelle, and Tina. Emmett and I learned so much through his time with Physical Therapy 4 Kids. I cannot say enough great things about his Physical Therapists Rachelle and Tina. They were so caring and informative, and provided me with enough support to feel comfortable implementing techniques at home. I am always quick to recommend your agency to anyone looking for PT services. THANK YOU!

– D.E.