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Balance and Coordination Program

Boosting Balance & Coordination Skills

Sometimes a baby or child just needs a little help strengthening their motor, balance and coordination skills. These are the skills that utilize the muscles of the body for movement and maintaining good balance. Parents are often the first to realize that their child may need help in this area. Mentioning your observations to your pediatrician can get you on the road to the right Physical Therapist to help your child.

When to Consider Physical Therapy

Do you notice that your child isn’t quite able to keep up with other children while playing? This is one of the signs that they could benefit from Physical Therapy for motor, balance and coordination development. Other signs include:

  • They struggle to roll over at five months
  • They can’t sit independently at six months
  • By one year, they are not yet crawling
  • They are still walking on their toes after two years of age
  • They have lost skills they previously gained

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Motor and Balance

When your child improves their motor, balance and coordination milestones, they gain self-confidence. They enjoy playing with other children more, which improves their socialization. They have more independence and enjoy themselves more. They can participate in sports and school activities with greater rewards. The entire family can enjoy these successes right along with your child.

If you feel your child could benefit from Physical Therapy to improve their motor, balance and coordination milestones, call us! We can help.

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