Parent Training

The Importance of Parent Training

The success of any therapy depends on the person or people who spend the most time with the child, mainly the parents or caregivers making Parent Training crucial for the child’s physical therapy success.

We provide instruction on the use of specialized equipment and devices, such as orthotics, braces, and positioning devices.

We can help you adapt your home to meet your child’s special needs. We teach the parents and caregivers exercises and activities that they can do with their child at home and how to incorporate them into their daily routine. We always encourage active participation by all members of the family – mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and babysitters- in the therapy sessions.

The more educated and confident the family members are with the therapy techniques and exercises, the faster the results for the child!


Parent Training - White Plains Pediatric Physical Therapy

“Parents can play a crucial role in this transfer. The second factor is the effect this has on the role of the parent. Parents who participate in the physical therapy for their children with disabilities are likely to develop more insight into the impairments and abilities of their children, resulting in a more realistic view of their child’s potential in terms of daily functioning. By participating in therapy, parents can become more adept at taking care of their child. Eventually, this increases parents’ confidence in their competence and reduces parental stress.” NAPA Center