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Parent Training

Working Together

We believe that parents know their child the best. Parents know when something just does not seem right. Most people do not understand what you are going through – but we do! We know the stresses and concerns you have when Physical Therapy is recommended for your child. Our goal is to have our therapists and families work together to reach your child’s goals and help your child succeed. Pediatric Physical Therapy should be fun and enjoyable. The more fun it is, the easier it is to get the child to engage in the activities, here and at home. We want you to feel like you are part of this journey – because you are!

Our Process

We educate the whole family including parents, grandparents, nannies and caregivers every step of the way. You will receive extensive instruction on exercises and fun activities to do at home to speed your child’s progress. The more educated the family and caregivers are, the faster you will see the results for your child. The more practice your child has learning a new skill, the faster they will master the skill. We encourage our parents and caregivers to come into the session and experience hands-on instruction from our therapists so you can go home and replicate what you just learned. We are also only a phone call or email or text away with any questions. Our goal is to empower you and your child to reach your goals and your child’s goals. You do not need to live with frustration. We can help!

Choosing the right facility and the right Physical Therapist can make all the difference!

At Physical Therapy 4 Kids, we listen to you and are here for you!!

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