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Fears of First Time Parents

Hi Wendy,

I am so lucky that I stumbled across Wendy’s name on a list of highly recommended providers my pediatrician gave me.  Initially, we were worried and scared about our son’s development and we needed sound guidance on how to proceed.  As I cold-called a few of the names my doctor had starred, I spoke to a few office managers about the process and associated costs, but Wendy made an immediate impression on me when she got on the phone to carefully explain every detail and quell my concerns.  I knew instantaneously that she was the right choice for my son and that she was dedicated to her patients.  

Initially, our insurance company refused to cover the needed services, but Wendy was perseverant and well-versed in how to navigate the insurance world.  She spent countless hours on the phone, drafting emails, and submitting the required paperwork.  Within two weeks, we received confirmation that we would be reimbursed.  Given the cost and commitment required by PT services, not having to pay out of pocket was a huge relief and allowed us to focus on our son’s progress.  

As a provider, Wendy is professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate.  Her experience and expertise provided our son with outstanding care and helped us gain the confidence and skills to help our son at home in between appointments.  Her commitment to her patients and their families is commendable.  She made herself available outside of our appointments to offer feedback about the exercises we were doing on our own and was always responsive to my emails and phone calls.  She was also very accommodating.  When I returned to work, she collaborated with our caretakers so they could assist our son. 

As a person, Wendy is patient, understanding, personable, and thorough.  As a new mom, I had all kinds of worries and Wendy took a lot of time to talk to me every week and answer any questions I had.  Wendy showed a genuine interest in our son’s well being and developed a loving rapport with him.  Even when he had some off days, she was unflustered and showed tremendous understanding.  Her guidance, support, and advice helped us so much during our son’s first year of life.  Her recommendations for toys and equipment to strengthen his skills were invaluable.  Wendy has been so instrumental in our son’s development and growth and we will forever be grateful for her efforts in ensuring his success and his ability to reach critical milestones.       

Wendy and her team are truly incredible.  While we mostly worked with Wendy, we also had a few appointments with some of the other therapists and everyone was excellent.  My only regret is that my son has since graduated and no longer requires PT services.  We are ecstatic but sad that we will no longer see Wendy, who has become such an important person in our lives, but I know we can reach out to her if we need anything in the future. I would highly recommend Wendy and her team to any parent whose child requires pediatric PT services.  Not only will you be reassured as a parent that you are doing the best for your child, but your child will receive the necessary services to achieve those developmental milestones in a safe and caring environment. 

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