Infant Physical Therapy Westchester

Nip Problems in the bud with Infant Physical Therapy

Infant Physical Therapy is a consideration for a child in the newborn to the first year of life stage is bursting with energy and reaching all sorts of critical milestones. You may be in a frenzy to keep up with your infant’s daily changes and document them in this precious, fast-fleeting stage. It is a wonderful, fun time.

As the growth spurts go on and all the “firsts” begin to add up, you should start tracking your infant’s physical development as well. Your infant’s fine motor skills, coordination, and muscular control begin to develop almost immediately after birth. We have all watched newborns struggle to keep their heads up and reach ever so hard for objects placed in front of them. These are natural steps of the growth and development processes, and they serve as the building blocks to more complex movements later on.

You may need Infant Physical Therapy Westchester if, in the first three to six months, your infant:

  • Cannot grasp a rattle.
  • Does not roll from side to side.
  • Lies flat on the floor.
  • Or does not place weight on forearms while lying on tummy.
  • Tilts head to one side.

All children are different, and their development cannot be foreshadowed down to the very day. But parents should stay on watch and report any concerns they have about development to their infant’s doctor. As the parent, you know best in your gut when something may be wrong or off. Even if your hunch is wrong, it is worth discussing concerns with your physician and receiving a prescription for a physical therapist.

We are experienced helpers, Infant Physical Therapy Westchester, in all stages of a child’s life here at Physical Therapy 4 Kids. We concentrate on fostering gross motor development and encouraging proper movement. Our gentle, time-tested methods start with educating parents on the degree of problems and all possible solutions. We patiently and enthusiastically demonstrate all corrective exercises and activities we perform so parents may continue therapy as needed at home. We suggest effective, affordable toys you may use to reinforce our efforts.

It is never too early to start and keep your child on the right track. Do not rule out Infant Physical Therapy Westchester because you feel your baby is too young. Consult this handy Developmental Milestones Website to check your infant’s progress thus far and determine if physical therapy can help.